Places To Visit On Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is an Important festival In India. It is celebrated all over the country in Different ways. It is celebrated on 14th of January. In India, few festivals celebrated on the same date. In India Festival means a lot of Excitement, Enjoy, Traditional, Culture. In India, Single Festival Celebrates In different types.This Festival celebrates because The Sun Passes from One sign of the Zodiac to the next. Each State celebrates the festival in their own way. It is the Symbolic of Kite Flying. This is the First Indian Festival Falls in New year.

Nepal – In Nepal Makar Sankranti is called as Maghe Sankranti. Peoples celebrate this festival with sesame seeds. In Nepal people says that a business had a sack of sesame seeds. Which never seemed to end.On digging through the bag, he found an idol of Lord Vishnu in the bag, then sesame seeds became auspicious. So they celebrate this festival.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – Here it is called as Makara Sankranti.It is a 4 days festival with a lot of excitement.The first day celebrates Bhogli, Second day Makara Sankranti, Third is Kanuma and the last day is Mukkanuma. First, three days Vegetarian diet follow and the fourth-day animal is sacrificed to God and meat is savoured.

Bihar Or Jharkhand – Here this festival is called as Sakraat or Khichdi. In Bihar and Jharkhand, this festival celebrates 2 days. On that day people take holy dips in the River early in the morning and then have bonfires. In Bonfire, they offer sesame seeds. People celebrate this festival with simple meal Rice with some vegetable.

Delhi and Haryana – Here this festival celebrates as Sakraat. In Delhi And Haryana, This Festival holds a Special Value. On that day brothers visit their married sisters and gift them warm clothes and sweets. Women’s also gift their in-laws. It is the celebration of brothers and sisters bond. They celebrate with kite flying with music and dance. You can enjoy Delhi Festivals with Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

Gujarat – Gujarat is famous for its makar Sankranti celebration. This festival celebrates in Gujarat on the lavish scale. They celebrate as international Kite Flying Festival.They also organize lots of Kite Games and Kite Wars. On this festival Til use for food. People feed each other sweets like chikki Made by Til and Undhiyu (made by vegetables). Everyone should enjoy this festival once in Gujarat.